Keep your family safe

There is nothing like the peace you get knowing your family is safe at home. However, you need proper maintenance of your locks to ensure they always remain safe. We can maintain and even repair faulty locks all around the house. No matter the lock you have been using, we can survey the area to provide the best option for your family’s security. More importantly, in the case of an emergency, you can call on us and we will deliver in minutes.

Advanced security solutions for your household

Who says you cannot use tea me lock systems that companies use, as long a site is for the safety of your family, you should not compromise! Therefore, we can install fingerprint locks, face ID scanner and other advanced locking systems that will ensure no intruder can gain access into your home. Even when you’re away on vacation with the family, you can rest assured that no one can enter your home. We will also offer you solutions that will alert you when burglars are trying to enter your home.

Welcome to the age of advanced technology! A time where you do not have to stand up to ensure that all the doors in the house are properly locked. We can talk about smart locks that will be incorporated into your phone. Therefore, you can control the locking system with your phone from anywhere in the house or outside the house.

Locked Out services for your safety

There are times where you get locked out of the house almost accidentally. It is only normal as many people sometimes forget their keys inside the house and stay stranded. It is the second part we do not like; you can be sure that you and your family cann9t be stranded with us around. Our residential emergency locks services ensure that you never have to stay outside for too long, waiting for locksmith service.

Is your lock faulty? It is not a problem for us, as we have technicians that specialize in the finessing of different kinds of locks whether they be advanced or old locks. We have the tools and the technical know-how to ensure that your locks are repaired.

We understand the dilemma for residential locksmith issues like broken keys since you and your family will need to get into the house after a long day. WE will be with you in a matter of minutes to ensure you get into your home. At Zip Locksmith, our services will not disrupt your work schedule or your time with family. Within 30 minutes, we are done with whatever we have come to do.

More Importantly, we advise our customers on the best mode of security that will benefit them. No two homes are the same; therefore, we do not only install, repair and maintain locks. We look at the best option for each of our customers and ensure they are well implemented to keep their families and properties safe.

We are in for the long haul, we will not install, repair or maintain any locks for it to be damaged some days or weeks later. Our residential locksmith service lasts for a long time as we use specialized equipment to seal the job we do.